Investments & Wealth Management

Whether an experienced investor or investing for the first time we will guide you through the process.

More people than ever are turning to Investments to meet their needs. This is because of the record low interest rates from deposit accounts and the lack of growth in real terms available from Banks and Building Societies. Our investment advice can take the form of investing a lump sum (min £5,000) for the potential of capital growth or income in the future and also regular savings (min £100pm) to build up your wealth.

We carry out an extensive fact finding process to make sure that you get a specific recommendation that takes a level of risk that is appropriate for you. All our clients receive an annual review to ensure that as their individual circumstances change, we are able to make relevant changes to their savings and investments to keep them as cost efficient and tax efficient as possible.

Taxation depends on individual circumstances as well as tax law and HMRC practice which can change.


Investing for capital growth can be carried out for a number of reasons:

Investments & Wealth Management - Growth - Future Goals

You may have a specific goal at a point in the future. This could be retirement at a specific age, to build a fund for university/school fees or to enjoy your retirement and travel extensively.

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Investments & Wealth Management - Growth - Poor return on savings

You may also have funds on deposit that do not grow in real terms due to the lack of interest available from deposit accounts.

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Investments & Wealth Management - Growth - Inheritance

Unfortunately, we sometimes inherit money from family members that have passed away. It is vitally important that you seek quality advice on their investment to ensure that you make the most of the funds and that they are as effective as they can be in adding to your quality of life.

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Investments & Wealth Management - Growth - Excess Income

Excess income that accumulates in our bank accounts can be saved for the long term. This means that the funds are invested and have the opportunity to provide capital growth in the long term as opposed to remaining in deposit accounts where there is little growth, if any at all in real terms.

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Investing for an income can be a great way of utilising a lump sum in a tax efficient manner. Our advice will mean that you make the most of a lump sum that you have. It may be that you need a specific amount of income from an investment, or that you need as much as possible. We are able to look at all of these options and to illustrate the potential effects of taking an income from an investment that you have. Seeking advice will also mean that you are able to make this income as tax efficient as possible which will increase the benefit that you receive.

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