Pensions & Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement is one of the most important aspects of your financial life.

At Resolute Financial Advisers, we pride ourselves in assisting our clients all the way through this journey from setting up their first pension, through to making sure that at retirement, you have the most tax efficient and bespoke retirement plan to suit the lifestyle you are looking for. We also provide independent advice on existing pension schemes to make sure that you have the most cost effective and risk appropriate scheme at all times.

We also assist Employers who are looking to set up and manage company pension schemes. We can provide advice on the best way to go about this in the most tax efficient and cost effective way possible.

Taxation depends on individual circumstances as well as tax law and HMRC practice which can change.

Where are you now?

Explore each stage to see where you are in your retirement journey


Pensions & Retirement Stages - Pre-Retirement - Some Way Off

You are likely to be over 50 and/or have between 10 – 15 years still to go until your selected retirement date (SRD) or the age when you can draw your state pension.

Pensions & Retirement Stages - Pre-Retirement - Nearly There

You have around 5 years until your selected retirement date (SRD) and are much more interested in your retirement options.


Pensions & Retirement Stages - At-Retirement - Choices and Decisions

You are now in the process of retiring. You are less likely than in the past to stop working at a set date. You may go part-time and take some income from your pension pot; stop working completely and draw your income from your pension pot or you might leave your pension pot intact and continue longer through choice or need.


Pensions & Retirement Stages - In-Retirement - Greater Freedom

You are probably fully retired now and receiving your state pension as well as generating income from your pension savings.

Pensions & Retirement Stages - In-Retirement - Slowdown

Now you may be slowing down for a variety of different reasons from health issues to having done all the things you wanted to do. You may be spending more time at home and have less need for income.

Pensions & Retirement Stages - In-Retirement - Later Life

You may have more health issues; are more dependent on others and may have more need for advice if you are feeling less confident about making decisions about your finances.