Trusts & Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about making sure your wishes are followed, and minimising the amount of taxes due on your estate after you die. Putting your savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important part in estate planning. 

A trust is a legal entity that has control over assets for the benefit of one or more people and there are different types of trust which can be set up according to what you intend to achieve.  When you set up a trust you will choose one or more trustee to be responsible for the assets.  You will also choose one or more beneficiary who will receive the assets at a time specified by you.  Setting up a trust can ensure that, for example, your estate is passed to the right people at the right time, and may be able to reduce inheritance tax liability.

This isn’t a straightforward topic which is why you may want to speak to us for guidance on making your savings and investments tax-efficient using trusts, and to find out how to start estate planning for your loved ones’ future.  

Questions you might like to ask us

  • If my money is in trust, who can still access it?
  • Who will administrate a trust after I die?
  • How do I make sure the trust looks after the people I want it to?
  • Who will look after my trust while I’m alive?

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